Street Team Members

Q: What is a “Street Team”?
A: A street team is a volunteer group of passionate people who literally “work the streets” (either real or file!) to promote a band, artist, or show. The reps on the street team work in close contact with the production management, but whereas the management needs to deal with all of the nitty gritty business stuff that goes into promotion, the street reps get to get out there and meet the people and share their passion one-on-one.

Q: Why does No Jive need a street team?
A: Well, first you should know that it’s not necessarily to make more money! We obviously can’t be everywhere at once, and yet there are people everywhere. That’s where you come in…

Q: So, what do you get from being part of the street team?
A: Well, first of all, it’s a chance to be involved in something you feel passionate about (if you don’t then you won’t sign up!). It’s a way to touch others with something that has touched you. And yes, there are perks:

  1. You will get promotional material that nobody else gets
  2. When possible, you will get free tickets to a show in your area (some places let us do that, some places don’t, but we’ll do our best)
  3. And periodically you’ll even get a free gift in thanks for all of your hard work!