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Thank you for your interest in wanting to book No Jive Productions, Inc hit stage play "His Double Life".

What do you get when you mix a tablespoon full of soul, a few cups of passion, several ounces of love, a batch of lies and a whole lot of deception? A recipe for a drama that will cook up just right before your eyes as No Jive Productions, Inc brings to the stage “His Double Life”.

Book "Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?"

"Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?" is a stage play that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Comedy plus drama, the suspense is enough to take anybody on a rollercoaster ride of upsand downs, and the ins and outs of love. It's a gateway for communicating the pain, happiness, and self expression in a relationship. This show will open one's eyes in hopes to forgive and move on.

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