Volunteer Spotlight

Beverly Ranson


I have been a follower of No Jive Productions for a few years now. I am gratefully thankful to have been asked to join a group of professional people who pride themselves in giving back to the community. I believe in what No Jive Productions mission is and feel that I will be a great asset in helping them to become better known throughout the nation. The No Jive family has welcomed me with open arms and I am truly ready to give them 100%. I thank GOD for allowing me this chance to be a part of a genuine organization who puts people first and allows them to show their artistic abilities in any way possible.

Shawn Warren


It's been a privilege and a honor to be granted the opportunity to be a part of No Jive Productions. No Jive Productions gives youth and adults a chance to show off their talents to the community. Being apart of No Jive Productions is a great learning experience for me and to know what this business is all about. Also, this experience allows me a chance to work one-on-one with the characters and all the other facets of the theater business. I thank No Jive Productions for accepting me as a volunteer. So, in turn I will show my appreciation by doing my best to support and assist No Jive Productions in any way necessary.

Teresa Espy

Promotions Volunteer

As a Volunteer, I am blessed to have the opportunity to support No Jive Productions in its mission. No Jive Productions has made a commitment to the community by making young people the number one priority. Through the arts, No Jive promotes positive messages and creates an environment in which young people want to communicate, learn and grow. The beauty of giving to and teaching others is that we learn and grow in the process. As a community, we all have something to contribute to our young people, because their future is our future. Thank you, No Jive for investing in our future.

James Achille

Public Relations Volunteer

For the past couple of years working for No Jive Productions has been a great experience. When I was selected to have the opportunity to work at No Jive Productions I knew it would be for the betterment of myself and the organization. Having the chance to work in an environment that will allow me to demonstrate superb work ethics and having commitment to tackling challenges that come before me, will be a task I want to demonstrate aggressively. Since being added to the ranks of No Jive productions it has been a decision I have yet to regret.

Shantina Watley

Shantina "Tina" Wadley


I appreciate being granted the opportunity of volunteering with No Jive Productions. As a volunteer, I plan to learn how things work behind the scenes. I know that this will give me an opportunity to fulfill my desire in play writing and all other skills that relate to the theatrical world. This will be a great experience for me and a way for me to give back to the community. No Jive Productions has welcomed me with open arms, so I will support them in anyway possible.

No Jive Productions Volunteer