History of No Jive Productions

"No Jive Productions, Inc is one of the most aggressive and artistic agencies that brings real life situations and issues to the stage, which is another affective way to reach and educate people".

JL King – New York Time Best selling author and Activist

NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS, INC. (hereafter "No Jive Productions) is a community based, non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation that uses the fine arts to motivate and inspire "at-risk" teenagers. NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS was founded in 1995 and incorporated March 29,1996, to help minority youth win in life.

NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS provide educational and creative programs to the "at-risk' minority youth of the South Florida area. Our company is totally immersed in the "positive" entertainment and the theatrical business. Our mission is to give minority youth the opportunity to explore new avenues of leaning and expression through the arts, increase academic performance and to totally eradicate low self-esteem. Throughout the history of NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS, the company has produced and sponsored many musical and theatrical presentations. On an annual basis, NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS sponsors a "Back To School Jam". The purpose of this event is to assist students in starting the school year on a positive note as well as motivating them to strive for success in their studies.

In September 2005, NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS, INC. held our “Back to School Jam” where we flew in a placed in a hotel, an American Idol from the second season Mr. Charles Grigsby to tour four schools to promote reading. The schools in attendance were the Robert Renick Middle School, Gladstone Center for Girls, Ruth Owens Kruse Educational, and the Village Program.

NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS has also produced two theatrical plays. In 1995, the play "It's Time" was presented to the community. The play was presented to students of the Dade County Public School system for four days and open to the general public for one day at the Joseph Caleb Center. The play dramatized the perils facing today’s teens. In 1996, 2002 and 2004 the play "Open Yo Eyes" was presented which dealt with issues such as AIDS, DRUGS and SEXUALITY. The play was based on a series of monologues resulting from interviews conducted with teenagers from the South Florida area. Now No Jive Productions, Inc is working on the upcoming play “His Double Life”.

The accomplishments outlined above are just the beginning. NO JIVE PRODUCTIONS is totally committed to using the fine arts to change the lives of every young person with whom it comes in contact.