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No Jive Productions, Inc. is seeking actors from all over for it's upcoming National Tour of His Double Life, Why Does Love Hurt So Bad? and A Family Affair. Remember, we are looking for the BEST!!! No Jive Productions, Inc. prides itself in picking some of our best talents literally "right out of our backyard". If you think you have what it takes, let us know and submit the following talent information:

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What do you get when you mix a tablespoon full of soul, a few cups of passion, several ounces of love, a batch of lies and a whole lot of deception? A recipe for a drama that will cook up just right before your eyes as No Jive Productions, Inc brings to the stage "His Double Life".

Rev. James E. Sanders, Dad

Rev. Sanders is the backbone of the community. He's been diagnosed with a life threatening disease that requires a transplant. The only person able to help is the one he dislikes the most, his gay son Matthew. Rev. Sanders has a dark side of which only his spouse knows. He's an opinionated alcoholic who verbally and emotionally abuses his wife, Brenda.

Matthew Sanders, Son "DL"

Matthew, the eldest of two boys, is an All American High School Athlete who graduated with honors from Howard University. He was the star quarter back. Matthew met his cheerleader girlfriend, who is now his fiancée, at their high school homecoming. The moment their eyes met, it was love at first site becoming high school sweethearts.
**NOTE: Actor must be willing to kiss another man on stage**

Brenda Sanders, Mom

Brenda, a submissive God fearing woman, is an elementary school teacher. Despite all of the abuse, she hangs on her husbands' every word. Brenda keeps the family together despite all the confusion.

Vanessa Clark, Matthews' Girlfriend

Vanessa is the high school sweetheart of Matthew Sanders. Vanessa is very much in love and sees no other man as her husband. She and her "girls" Cheryl and Wynikka have been close since junior high. She is looking forward to this Thanksgiving with the Sanders family hoping that this year Matthew will propose marriage and all of her dreams will come true.

Wynikka Jones, Vanessa's' best friend

Wynikka is a straight ghetto sister. She is wild and loud and doesn't care who knows it. She has been tight with Vanessa and Cheryl since junior high. She is fast and anytime she has a chance to chase a boy, guy or man she does. Wynikka is very open with herself and her sexuality. She'll get with anybody who dares to mess with her "girls".

Cheryl Jones Sanders, Vanessa and Wynikkas' close friend

Cheryl is the wife of Tim Sanders. She met and dated Tim while in high school and graduated from Fisk University with a degree in Accounting. Cheryl is somewhat grandiose but humble. She loves her husband dearly, but lately she has been feeling overwhelmed and unappreciative by Tim. She is close with her "girls" Vanessa and Wynikka and talks about everything with them unbeknownst that trouble lies ahead.

Theo Martin, Matthews' best friend

Theo is the best friend of Matthew. They have known each other for as long as they can remember. Theo is just like another son to the Sanders family. He and Matthew are inseparable, more than anyone knows. This year at the family's Thanksgiving dinner all will be unveiled.
**NOTE: Actor must be willing to kiss another man on stage**

Dr. Curtis Harvey, Doctor

Dr. Harvey is a well renowned Physician. His specialty is informing his patients about HIV/AIDS. His is also an advocate that travels the world informing of the alarming statistics. His goal is to help find a cure for this alarming disease and to eradicate it altogether.

Curtis Humphrey, Fiancee' of Vanessa Clark

Curtis is the new man in Vanessa's life. He is a professional sports agent and spoils Vanessa with everything and anything she ask for. He and Vanessa have set a date and are on their way to Tahiti for their grand wedding.

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad is a show you don't want to miss! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you're looking for excitement, craving for laughter, and hungry for a little of reality in life, then look no further. Why Does Love Hurt So Bad will thrill you, make you laugh and angry. You will come to understand how difficult a marriage can be, how trifling friendships can be, and most of all how communication in any relationship is important. Your hunger will be filled with a splash of SWEETNESS and BITTERNESS but at the end your dessert is covered too!

Timothy (Tim) Sanders, Matthews' Brother

Tim is tall, handsome, charming and manipulative. He will say anything to get his way. He's jobless and doesn't seem as if he's really looking for another one. He's too busy hanging with his boys. The communication between him and his wife is pretty much non existence which causes him to commit adultery with his wife's long time friend. Tim is a man who takes his marriage and family for granted.

Kareem Jackson, Best friend of Tim

Kareem is a hard working garbage man for the city. He is supportive of his best friend Tim and has tried to help him get a job within the company he works for, but Tim thinks that being a garbage man is beneath him. Kareem looks up Tim and Cheryl and what they have as far as relationships goes, but when his best friend makes a wrong decision, he surely tells him about himself.


A well built muscular brother that is not afraid to undress to his skivvies. He is very handsome and a good dancer.
**Note: Must be willing to strip in front of people to a g-string**

"A Family Affair", which is a culmination of our two past plays, "His Double Life", and "Why Does Love Hurt So Bad". Through these plays, the audience will experience all that started with "His Double Life" and what it took for a man to realize that being in love with someone who wants to be married is difficult for him because he's living a double life. Next, with "Why Does Love Hurt So Bad", the audience will endure what could happen in a perceived happy marriage and what can happen with the people who are their friends. "A Family Affair" will allow the audience to see how both of these plays can help families deal with certain issues that are realistic in life and in our society.

Jason Glick, Preacher-white male actor

Preacher has known the Sanders clan for years and has been the family's spiritual advisor. Preacher knows all the heartache of this family and has been there to guide them through all the trials and tribulations. His advisement has been more with Momma Sanders. He has dried her tears and has helped to remind her that with God's help, her family can overcome all the strife that they have endured.

Derek Sanders/son of Tim & Cheryl

Male; approximately 4 ft - 41/2 ft tall. Approximate age 6-8 yrs old; Clean cut (manicured haircut) and well mannered. Able to read and not afraid of large crowds.
Warm-Up Person

Must be fearless, loquacious, comical and punctual.
Must know how to improvise under pressure.
Good diction and manic energy an advantage.
Has to read strangers in a nanosecond, and break the ice quickly.
Must understand: you are the person nobody has come to see.

Warm-up person is reasonable in getting the crowd into a receptive mood for the actual show, and will also fill in during any delays. MUST be a people person, must be able to make people feel like they're at home. You will be responsible for getting the audience hyped for the show.

Please submit your headshot and resume to: