"Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?" — July 2010

"Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?"

is a stage play that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Comedy plus drama, the suspense is enough to take anybody on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, and the ins and outs of love. It's a gateway for communicating the pain, happiness, and self expression in a relationship. This show will open one's eyes in hopes to forgive and move on.

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Latoya Roberts

Latoya Roberts as Vanessa Clark

A Brooklyn native with a Trini (Trinidad and Tobago) background has spent most of her life engaging in the arts-singing, dancing, acting, and fashion/modeling. As a child she participated in numerous talent shows, and any other showcases that she could. Being supported by her family, she never felt discouraged by whatever obstacles came along the way. Living in Miramar, Florida for most of her teen years, she continued to embrace her artistic gifts. Taking part in Shows, auditions, casting calls- Latoya kept striving. Portraying the role of "Vanessa" for No Jive Production's hit stage play "His Double Life" has been one of Latoya's biggest accomplishments. She is glad to be a part of such a wonderful production company, and hopes that things will keep getting better! Today, Latoya is focused on both her acting and singing careers. Learning and improving in any way that she can. Latoya is determined and devoted to the arts and will not stop until her dream is fulfilled.

HWhy Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Annisha Battle Rollins

Annisha Battle-Rollins as Cheryl Sanders

The oldest of three siblings and a proud parent. Born in Louisville Kentucky, I moved to Miami Florida shortly thereafter and have been here ever since. I attend Mt. Zion AME in Miami Gardens, Florida. It was here where my love for drama and theater began. I participate in most of the church programs, skits, and monologues. It is also here that my creativity, public speaking, and desire to act were birthed. One of my most proudest accomplishments was the founding of a women's ministry called the Women of Virtue Sisterhood to empower and enrich the lives of young adult women who are seeking to live better purpose driven lives. Having been through a series of personal struggles, loss, and tribulations, I know firsthand that remaining steadfast, immovable, and always abounding is the true way to overcome all that life can bring. My tests in life created my testimonies! I am firm believer that you must pursue your dreams, goals, and desires by stepping out in Faith and not giving way to Fear! I love to tell people live each day like it's your last, love everything you do, and laugh every minute that you can! Following my heart and stepping out in faith, led me to the opportunity of a lifetime, joining the No Jive Production Family. I am overjoyed and very excited as we embark upon the many new and exciting things that are in store!

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Alicia Simpson

Alicia Simpson as Momma Brenda Sanders

A born and breed native Miamian, Alicia has talents of many. As a child, her parents instilled in her the importance of education. All through her schooling, Alicia was somewhat of a class clown. While in high school at Miami Beach Senior High, the drama instructor noticed and asked her to participate in an impromptu play for graduation, which she did. Never again gracing a stage, Alicia's life was not always one of good decisions, Alicia strayed from the morals and values taught by her parents. Alicia was approached by the President of No Jive Productions to read for the part of Momma Sanders for the hit stage play "His Double Life". Fortunately, Alicia was again asked to participate in this newest production "Why Does Love Hurt So Bad", which she has embraced with joy. This has truly been an amazing journey, and I am grateful to have this chance to showcase a talent I really never knew existed.

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - DeVonne T. Moore

DuVonne T. Moore as Wynnika Jones

Is Philadelphia-born (Germantown), but transplanted to Miami where she was raised by her paternal grandparents. Coming from a family of entertainers - her love of performing began at an early age; DuVonne's grandmother would have her play (piano) and sing for guests at their house parties before ushering her back into her bedroom for the night. However, it was during her studies at the Coconut Grove Children's Theatre where she discovered her truest passion - ACTING! In her pursuit to realize her dreams while still trying to balance everyday life, she found herself having to pile her dreams up on a shelf. But, her love for performing wouldn't lay dormant for too long. To date, DuVonne has earned a degree in Broadcasting, done work as an extra in major motion pictures - "The Specialist" (Sylvester Stallone), "Drop Zone" (Wesley Snipes), performed as a background vocalist, voiced commercials for radio, and landed roles in the stage plays "The Poet" (2002) and a previous No Jive Productions, Inc. performance of "Open Yo Eyes" (2004). In 2003, she also auditioned for and modeled in a fashion show for full-figured Women, produced by D.C.-based designer Harvey "Star" Washington (guest judge on Mo'Nique's show "Fat Chance"). DuVonne says, "It took a long time, but I'm back into the swing of things and ready to make my mark in this industry. My dream is to wake up EVERY DAY and do what I LOVE for a living! I want what I do in film and television, on the runway and stage to make a difference in someone's life and allow me to leave a positive and encouraging impression on this World."

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Toddrick Rutledge

Toddrick Rutledge as Timothy Sanders

A native of Miami, Florida, has always had a passion for the performing arts. He began his journey in acting at Rainbow Park Elementary and Norland Middle school in their Theatre Magnet program. His love for the stage came second only to the world of academia and his inextinguishable thirst for knowledge. Though his passion never dwindled, Toddrick would not grace another stage until he entered college. While enrolled at the Florida State University studying English Literature and Creative writing, Toddrick served as an actor, playwright, director and choreographer for the Black Actors' Guild. He also served as creative consultant and guest choreographer for Onyx Dance Theatre. Nowadays, Mr. Rutledge is a young, vibrant artist making his way to stardom as he continues to pursue his dream of being the best Toddrick he could be.

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Toddrick Rutledge

Malcolm D. Harvard as Kareem Jackson

Malcolm D. Harvard born August 28, 1982, the youngest of four children from Latricia Dorsey. Performing has always been his passion since high school at Miami Norland Senior High School. Having featured in two plays while in high school called "She's All That" and "Raisin in the sun" allowed Malcolm to truly experience and live out his passion for theatre. After High School Malcolm received a role in a play called "Open Yo Eyes", produced by No Jive Production. Malcolm is a true believer in working hard and going for your dreams no matter how farfetched they seem.

Why Does Love Hurt So Bad Cast Member - Toddrick Rutledge

Ken aka Mr. Pooh as Stripper

Ken aka Mr. Pooh is a native of Miami. Mr. Pooh loves to entertain the lady's with his charm and beautiful smile. He is a motivator and leader for young people, by stressing to them to pursue their dreams and being the best that they can be. He is also a personal trainer. He lives by this quote " I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking for progress". I am honored and privileged to be working in my first live stage play with No Jive Productions.

If you were excited about "His Double Life" and thought it could not get any better wait until you get a taste of the new hit stage play "WHY DOES LOVE HURT SO BAD?"