His Double Life DVD Filming — All Star Cast — 2011

Cast of "His Double Life".

From the Desk of Momma Sanders

Welcome to the Sanders House. This little place has been in our family for many years. It has been passed down from generation to generation. There is much love and many memories. My husband Rev. James and I have been coming here since we were dating. We have basically raised our two sons here. We as a family have always come here for the traditional Thanksgiving dinners. This year hopes to be just as great. My youngest son Matthew, his girlfriend Vanessa and their best friends Wynikka and Theo will be joining us this year. Well, everyone buy your tickets and come to Momma Sanders home.

Momma Sanders

Note: Cast is subject to change.

His Double Life - Alicia Simpson

Alicia Simpson as Momma Sanders

The journey with No Jive Productions has been one of great joy and of many challenges. This family of people pride themselves in bettering communities in any way possible. The goals, values, and mission of this organization show integrity. No Jive Productions, Inc has given me the opportunity to not only work with them as a board member, but also as an actress. It has given me the chance to showcase my talents in many ways, whether it is on stage or in office. The goal of No Jive is to give others the same opportunity it has given me. I am truly blessed to be a part of an organization that not only wants to grow and be well known across this great nation, but it wants to showcase others in order for them to do the same and be successful.

His Double Life - Latoya Roberts

Nathaniel Cooper as Daddy Sanders

Nathaniel Cooper likes to be referred to as simply "Nate" is the eldest of 4 siblings. Born November 18, and raised in Miami, FL to a Miami native mother and Bahamian native father. He was raised in a Christian home as a single child by his grandparents. Destined to be center stage and his love for music and theater, he began to perform in school stage plays where he would sing and act. Later he joined the marching band at his local high school where he was one of the top percussionists. In 2005, he graduated and began performing with celebrities such as, Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper and Shaffer "Ne-yo" Smith as their band drummer. But that wasn"t enough he wanted to be in the spotlight. It"s not until he auditioned for No Jive Productions that he finally saw his potential as an artist.

He believes that, “dreams do come true, but it’s the story behind the dream to get there that is the best part”. Now a father, he wants to inspire others to follow their dream.

His Double Life - Andrieve Dacosta

JQ as Matthew Sanders

Matthew Sanders and I are no different. We have a similar past of troubled childhood memories. We both are All American High School Athlete's who graduated with honors from the illustrious Howard University. We are successful, driven and well educated black business men. We share the same train of thought, the same passions and the same hidden struggles in our lives. On the surface it may seem different but our passions in life are veiled behind the need to please our parents. For Matthew it"s his sexuality, for me it"s my identity. A slight difference in nature, however exactly the same in context. Being a black man in today"s society has a lot of expectations and a lot of pressures. None of which compares to the pressures of contentment burdened by our head of households.

It is a mandated declaration that a black man assumes his rightful position in the black family as a lawyer, doctor or engineer, or as in Matthew’s case, married to a woman. The sacrifices we make to feed the expectations of our family's drains us to despair and ultimately lead us to live double lives. Lives which we were forced to live in the shadows at the expense of our parents’ happiness. In the process loved ones get hurt, lied too and even hearts broken simply because the life we want to live is unveiled. Matthew and I share the same mantra in life. Loving self first should never be a burdened sacrifice but the first step to unraveling true contentment for all.

His Double Life - Daryl L. Gilyard, Jr

Brittany L. Smith as Vanessa Clark

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, with roots in the Virgin Islands, Brittany L. Smith loves getting lost in the world that an author creates for a character. She believes it is most satisfying to make a character come alive on stage. Brittany is ecstatic at the opportunity to portray the role of Vanessa Clark in the Momma Sanders Series. It is one of her most successful accomplishments in her acting career so far. "I fell in love with the script and was immediately drawn to Vanessa"s character.

I love a good story and I am very excited and honored to play her.” Brittany wants to thank No Jive Productions for giving her the opportunity to become a part of this wonderful journey and she looks forward to many more successful performances.

His Double Life - Joyce Warren

DuVonne Moore as Wynnika Jones

DuVonne is a Philadelphia-born transplant to Sunny South Florida whose love of the performing arts began in her early years " being the center of entertainment for many of her family"s parties. She would sing and play piano for their guests, loving every minute of it! It wasn"t until her training at the Coconut Grove Children"s Theater that she would discover her truest passion " ACTING! Life, however, had other plans for DuVonne who found trying to balance the pursuit of her passion and everyday living extremely challenging. She packed her dreams away and placed them on a shelf. Inspired one evening by the song "Future" by Musiq Soulchild, her dream deferred would not lay dormant much longer.

To date, DuVonne has earned her Broadcasting degree, worked as an extra in major motion pictures - "The Specialist" (Sylvester Stallone), "Drop Zone" (Wesley Snipes), performed as a background vocalist, voiced commercials for radio, and landed roles in the stage plays "The Poet" (2002) and two previous No Jive Productions, Inc. stage plays - "Open Yo Eyes" (2004) and “Why Does Love Hurt So Bad?” (2010). DuVonne says, "It took a long time, but I'm back into the swing of things and ready to make my mark in this industry. My dream is to wake up EVERY DAY and do what I LOVE for a living! I want what I do in film and television, on the runway and stage to make a difference in someone's life and allow me to leave a positive and encouraging impression on this World."

His Double Life - Louise Senatus

Thomas Troy Brooks as Theo Martin

Thomas Troy Brooks also known as Troy Brooks is a young up coming artist from Cincinnati, OH. Moving down to Miami in the early new millennium, Troy always thrived to find a way to express himself to the world around him. Exceeding in sports and many other talents, Troy still felt that his personality and character was to vibrant and colorful to just be an athlete or a pharmacist in a lab coat. Soon after high school when college sports and academics no longer had an impact on his life, he decided to put the past on the shelf and lead his new life in the direction of an Actor/Personality. The rising superstar since then has been taking Miami by storm appearing in music videos all the way to the hit series on USA Burn Notice. The path to the top has yet to draw near for the rising star as he pushes harder to his goal.

Troy Brooks looks to take his skills to the next level with No Jive Productions in the hit drama "His Double Life". Although this is his biggest role yet he still believes that this is just another way to express himself and exceed expectations.

His Double Life - Diamond Taylor

Annisha Battle-Rollins as Cheryl Sanders

The oldest of three siblings and a proud parent. Born in Louisville Kentucky, I moved to Miami Florida shortly thereafter and have been here ever since. I attend Mt. Zion AME in Miami Gardens, Florida. It was here where my love for drama and theater began. I participate in most of the church programs, skits, and monologues. It is also here that my creativity, public speaking, and desire to act were birthed. One of my most proudest accomplishments was the founding of a women's ministry called the Women of Virtue Sisterhood to empower and enrich the lives of young adult women who are seeking to live better purpose driven lives. Having been through a series of personal struggles, loss, and tribulations, I know firsthand that remaining steadfast, immovable, and always abounding is the true way to overcome all that life can bring. My tests in life created my testimonies!

I am firm believer that you must pursue your dreams, goals, and desires by stepping out in Faith and not giving way to Fear! I love to tell people live each day like it's your last, love everything you do, and laugh every minute that you can! Following my heart and stepping out in faith, led me to the opportunity of a lifetime, joining the No Jive Production Family. I am overjoyed and very excited as we embark upon the many new and exciting things that are in store!

His Double Life - Diamond Taylor

Paul Antoine as Doctor Curtis Harvey

Paul Antoine is a Miami Native with a passion for the stage. Paul"s Passion for the theater began when he stood on the stage for the first time to play the character of James in the hit play Lil Haiti. His stellar comic like character attracted the attention of several producers in the city. He would later land numerous roles in movies, other productions and a recent role in the play Loose Lips. His quote "Center Stage" has been his driving force for excellence. He notes that his goal is to be a premier actor and that he wants to touch the lives of his viewers.

What do you get when you mix a tablespoon full of soul, a few cups of passion, several ounces of love, a batch of lies and a whole lot of deception? A recipe for a drama that will cook up just right before your eyes as No Jive Productions, Inc brings to the stage “His Double Life”.

Breaking the Silence…

His Double Life is a “Closet Packed with Secrets” said the Miami Herald

Miami Times said His Double Life “is an outstanding show that gives a refreshing course on unconditional love”

“An harmonious blend of entertainment and realism”.
WestSide Gazette Nikki Clifton

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